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01 Jan

4 Steps to Rekey a Car Lock

Rekeying a car key once in a while is great for adding more security to your car. It is also much more affordable than regular lock replacements. However, we noticed that only a few know what rekeying is and its procedures. That is why throughout the article, we will go through removing the lock, setting the pins, cutting the key, reassembling everything, and how Smart Pro Locksmith can help.

Removing the Lock From Your Car

The first step required to rekey your key is removing the lock you want to work with. To do that, you first have to close all the doors and close the window. Remove the window crack by removing the handle and the head screw that holds it. Disassemble the panel from the door, and you should be able to see the lock. Unclip the clips that are holding the lock and take them out.

Setting the Pins

Setting the pins is the most fun part of this procedure, but you should be careful. You would have to set your pin to match the new key. We recommend drawing lines to your keys to ensure you know the parts of the key you should cut and where you should set your pin.

Cutting the Key to Match the Lock

After setting the pins, we must cut the key according to the pin set. This is the hardest part of the procedure, as the cutting can’t simply be done by equipment. You would need special equipment to smoothly and accurately cut the keys. Constantly test your cut key with the new set lock to fix any other parts to get it to work smoothly. If you don’t have the required equipment or skill, try calling Smart Pro Locksmith to get your rekeying services for you today!

The Final, Reassembling Everything

Suppose you have done everything required above, and your new key works perfectly well with the newly set pin, congratulations. You can place the lock in the way you took it out now. If you can’t, don’t worry, as this applies to many people since the steps are complicated and not many people have the necessary equipment. Call Smart Pro Locksmith today to get more professional services from our experienced locksmiths in Broadview Park.

Your Safe and Reliable Locksmith, Smart Pro Locksmith

This article covered the major steps involved with rekeying your car keys. As you can see from the information given, so many steps are required to rekey your keys just to add an additional security layer to your car. However, there’s nothing to worry about as Smart Pro Locksmith has dedicated itself to preventing you from wasting your time and energy on locksmith matters. At Smart Pro Locksmith, we consider your time and concerns as ours. With our modern equipment, experienced locksmiths, dedication, and affordable services, car key replacement has never been easier. Call us now to learn more about us and our services or the steps to rekeying your car keys. There is nothing to wait for; call us now.