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01 Jan

5 Reasons Why Your Car Key Isn’t Working

Problems with the car keys tend to show up in a very untimely manner. Yes, we know that losing them is a specific issue. However, what if you walk to your car as you’re getting ready to go to work and notice your car key isn’t working? It’s undoubtedly going to be very irritating but knowing the reason behind this problem might save you time and money, and, in this article, we will go over some of the reasons.

Problem With the Lock

When your keys aren’t working, you most likely immediately think there’s a problem with either your car or your keys; but you are skipping the lock. Try to insert your key and turn it in. If the key turns, but it’s not unlocking the door, there’s a problem with the door lock, not the key. This is a common problem with older cars since these cars don’t have remote systems and depend on a key-lock mechanism; as time passes, the mechanism undergoes wear and tear and eventually can break down. In other cases, the lock isn’t broken but rather clogged or frozen. Since certain small particles can build up inside the door locks, they can create obstructions.


If you have a key fob or another remote system, dead batteries are probably the culprit behind your functionless keys. If that is the case and you are on your way to work, you are lucky since all you have to do is to change the batteries. You are good to go to wherever you would like after that. So, before calling a reliable locksmith in Plantation, see if that’s the case.


You don’t pay much attention to it, but ignition is another component of the car that is prone to regular wear and tear due to frequent usage. We use the ignition all the time, so it’s only regular for it to have problems after many years of usage. On the outside, it might look satisfactory to you; however, call your locksmith to learn whether everything is alright with the inside portion of the ignition.

Copy of the Copy

Many people use their copy keys instead of the original ones. However, you should know that no duplicate key is the same as the original. Every time a duplicate of a duplicate is made, the similarity between the original key and the copy decreases to the point where it doesn’t even start the car anymore. So, if your car key is a duplicate of the duplicate key, you should tell your locksmith and ensure you get a copy of the original key in the future.

Broken Key

Besides all the other reasons, your car keys might be broken. This can happen in different ways. If the keys are older and work in the typical lock-key mechanism, the key might be put under physical damage, which results in a broken or bent key. If you have a key fob, on the other hand, the problem might be either physical damage or damage to the programming of the key. Since these are technological devices, changes in frequencies and issues in the circuit can easily cause your car not to detect the key fob. For cases like these, you either need car key replacement or reprogramming of your key fob.

Reliable Local Locksmith

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your car keys, reaching out for a professional opinion is the best option. Smart Pro Locksmith offers various residential, commercial, and automotive services regarding problems with keys and locks. Call us today to schedule your appointment.