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01 Jan

Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock

We are living in a century in which we have many options to protect our property. With the increasing technology, home security systems now include many alarms, security cameras, and surely, locks. Of course, your home is the shield that protects you from intruders so you would want the best lock that will give you a peaceful mind when you are sleeping at night. For these reasons, mechanisms like keypad locks are growing to be more popular every day. They are reliable mechanisms that come with many benefits. Today, we will go over some of these benefits, so you know what the best option for the security of your home is.

How Does Keypad Locks Work?

This lock system uses numbers instead of the traditional lock and key method. As the person who is outside enters the numbers on the pad, the system will try to recognize if the numbers are true. If they are, the lock opens. In addition, most systems nowadays keep the door locked for a certain amount of time if there is a certain number of unsuccessful attempts to open the door and may even notify the owner.

Keyless Entry and Exit

Many of us have experienced the pain of forgetting our keys and therefore having to call and wait for a nearby locksmith or getting late somewhere. The good news is that keypad locks save you from this trouble. The keyless exit and entry are the biggest advantage it provides. You won’t be worrying about losing your keys anymore.


Did you know that intruders have a strong dislike for electronic locks with no keys? That’s because there are so many combinations of numbers and the possibility of them guessing it right is almost none. If they don’t know the password, the only way they can enter your house is by crashing the entire door. So, even the presence of a keypad lock is intimidating to potential burglars.


Old locks and keys are prone to damage due to frequent use and after some time, they will be hard to turn. At this point, calling a locksmith for key or lock replacement would be necessary and we can see how frustrating it can be if a key or lock breaks when you are trying to get through the day. However, systems of keypad locks are known for their durability. They go on for many years because they aren’t exposed to types of wear and tear. So, they will save you time and money.

Easily Changeable

With keypad locks, you have the option of changing your door code whenever you would like to. Are you hesitant that someone may have learned your password? Don’t worry, cause you can change it anytime you want.

Simple Installation

Many people imagine a very complicated process when a keypad lock installation is taking place. That’s a big myth. For almost every case, installing a keypad lock is as easy as installing a traditional one. That’s because they don’t need to be connected to a power source to function, instead, they work with batteries.

Trying To Decide?

Did you decide on getting a keypad lock and don’t know how to choose the best option? Smart Pro Locksmith is ready to help you with your choosing process and your installation process. There is a wide variety of locks available to fit each person's needs and preferences. If you are new to the idea of keypad locks and have questions or want the opinion of professionals, call us today!