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01 Jan

Best Window Locks for Home Security

Locks are simply one of the most important parts of our houses’ security. However, we focus too much on the doors rather than other parts of our houses. Locks are there to protect our privacy and important equipment from burglars or strangers. Although most of us lock our doors only, burglars nowadays know whether a house has a protection system. By knowing this information, they enter different parts of the house like the window, etc. Throughout this article, we will talk about the different technologies that can be used to secure your house and how Smart Pro Locksmith can provide the perfect services that fit you.

The Traditional Securing Option

Let’s go over the most simple and common forms of locks that can be used on windows, the key locks on windows. Just like how you use the key locks on your doors, you can also use them on your windows. The best part is, that these locks can’t be accessed by anyone outside.

The Genius Window Locks

This option is modern. With the improved technology, homeowners can open or close their windows with the touch of their phones. Some systems also have their camera and other security options. This technology can alert when your window is opened and if it senses anything forcefully, it can even send a message to the police about how your window is forcefully trying to be opened.

Pin Locks

Just like how you would on a door, there are other options you can apply to your window. Pin locks fall into this category. This allows your window to open far; however, it prevents the window from opening all the way because there is a chain preventing it. These locks are lightweight and easy to install. Some even use it to have little air and fewer bugs that come with it.

Window Closer

This option simply fully closes a window. Its mechanism is designed in such a way that when you try to open the window, you simply can’t. Although it is protective, the cheap and simple ones are easy to break. If you are willing to pick this option, you must put a folding latch to provide the most secure option.

Don’t Fall For the Simple Tricks

Now, of course, there are easier ways that people try like planting thorny plants and bushes under the glass. Although some of these strategies work, it doesn’t eliminate the chances. Most of the burglars don’t even care. To avoid any risks associated with your security, call us today to learn more about our services and ways you can secure your house.

Magical Touch of Smart Pro Locksmith

To fully secure your privacy, precious items, and memories, Smart Pro Locksmith provides the perfect opportunity. With our professional locksmith, latest equipment, and dedication, home security and lock installation have never been easier. We have dedicated ourselves to providing a service that meets all your needs in the cheapest and least time possible. Call us today to learn more about our mission, staff, equipment, services, and more tips about window locks!