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01 Jan

Can Locksmiths Make Keys from a Lock?

A locksmith is usually faced with many lock-related situations, which range from repairing broken locks, duplicating keys, and unlocking locked doors, among many more. With all the services they provide, a common question that usually arises is, “can locksmiths make keys from a lock?” This might seem like an unusual request to ask your local locksmith, but with the right equipment and expertise, the capabilities of a locksmith are limitless. With years of providing unmatched locksmith services, Smart Pro Locksmith has an experienced team that can help you address any lock-related concern with the utmost professionalism. Let’s look at whether it’s possible to make keys from a lock.

Why Locksmiths Make Keys from a lock

Although keys are durable and sturdy, they are not immune to wear and tear. Most emergencies we have dealt with are associated with lost or misplaced keys, which usually calls for rekeying. However, this is not the only reason people seek locksmith services, and not every emergency can easily be solved by duplicating a key. One of the main reasons a locksmith makes keys from a lock is when dealing with a broken or worn key. This can affect the lock’s capability to function efficiently, or worst-case scenario, to stop working entirely.
Another common reason why Smart Pro Locksmith makes keys from locks is when a client has lost or misplaced their keys. While these situations are often, you need to onboard a professional locksmith to create a key. Finding the right person for the job not only guarantees top-notch services but also protects you from any inconvenience and frustration.

How Locksmiths Make Keys from Locks

A locksmith has extensive industry experience and the skills to make keys from locks, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. It requires great problem-solving skills and the appropriate equipment to disassemble residential locks when necessary. Before hiring a locksmith for rekeying services, there are several things that you should consider to ensure you don’t increase the risk to your loved ones and property. This is a vital reason why onboarding the professionals at Smart Pro Locksmith is an excellent idea when dealing with such emergencies. There are two ways we make keys from locks, and they include:

Cutting the Key Based on the Code

Every lock has a code that the locksmith uses to create a new key. This code comprises a set of characters that give every key a unique and specific design. Other high-end locks come with key code cards, making it easy for the locksmith to make a new key. If there’s no way to use the code to cut a new key, our experts can break open the lock and recreate the key using the pins and their order.

Take an Impression of the Lock

If using the code is not an option, an impression of the lock is taken to aid in making a key. This involves inserting a blank key in the lock several times until an impression of the pins is detected. These are some ways you can benefit from our professional rekeying services. Get in touch with our experts at Smart Pro Locksmith, and schedule an appointment with the experts.