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01 Jan

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Laser Key Cut?

Key laser cutting is a great technique used to make car keys more sturdy and provide other advantages. However, we realized that only some know much about key laser cutting, and we wanted to inform everyone about this. That’s why throughout this article, we will go over what a key laser cutting is, how it is different from traditional key cutting, how much it usually costs, and how Smart Pro Locksmith can help. So, let’s learn more about them together.

What is Key Laser Cutting?

Laser-cut keys are named because of their uniqueness. They are cut deep in the middle and added curves to make them sturdy, allowing the key to be put on either side. This saves your time when you want to quickly start your car’s engine. Of course, this type of key cutting isn’t just here to save you time, it's for your safety as well. This service makes it harder for thieves to open your car’s door and even if they open, they can’t start the car. If that’s the case, isn’t it the same as traditional key cutting?

How is it Different from Traditional Key Cutting?

Traditional key cutting is very similar to laser cutting. However, the disadvantage of standard cutting is the fact that it doesn’t provide the same security that laser cutting provides. The keys are cut very similarly to each other and the different combinations can be very limited. So, although they allow the same

How Much Does a Key Laser Cutting Actually Cost?

There are a lot of ideas on what the price of a key laser cutting is. A key laser cutting does have a fixed price, as many factors should be taken into consideration before the final price. For example, advanced cars usually require more advanced equipment, increasing the price. If you want your key to be modern with chips, etc., this can cost anywhere from $100 to $150. However, it may only be the case for some of the companies as they may have different offers. That’s why you need to find a safe and quality company.

The Company for Your Safety, Smart Pro Locksmith

Many people want to get a key laser cut, but sometimes they don’t even know if that is the service they need. Every situation requires a different approach to make your job happen faster and more safely. However, while doing this, you waste so much time, and nobody would like this. At Smart Pro Locksmith, we believe it is pointless to lose what is valuable to you to make yourself safer. Thankfully with our professional locksmiths, modern equipment, and experience, your key cutting has never been easier. Our work is efficient and provides value. Call us today to learn more about our services or get more information about key laser cutting.