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01 Jan

How to Fix a Door Lock That Won’t Turn

When there are problems with the locks of our houses, we tend to blame the keys. However, the problem can be caused by a door lock too. Throughout this article, we will go over some of these problems and talk about ways to fix them.

Issues with the Keys

A common problem is that the locks would work, but the keys would not turn. Many people who get their new keys can’t fully insert them in a lock because it wasn’t properly cut. At that point, unless you have another key to open the door, call a secure locksmith to get it examined or take the keys back to properly get your keys cut.

Another problem can be a key breaking in a lock. As the broken key locks the door lock, there is a low chance that someone can easily turn it. In such cases, we suggest that you don’t try to pull the key when it is already broken. This can cause the key to go further in the cylinder and make it harder for everyone to get it out. You can try to use a needle to slowly pull the key, but if you see that there is no progress, a dependable locksmith can be the best option.

Dust or Dirt Buildup

One of the most annoying problems is that customers can't fully insert a key in their lock. This is most likely because something is blocking the key from entering it. This can be from the dust or dirt that is piled inside the cylinder. If you can, try cleaning the inside with a lubricant. If the dirt or dust still doesn’t get out, then you can try to use an oil-based WD-40 to clean the door lock, but don’t use it frequently as it may lead to clogging in the future.

Still Stuck? Here is the Best Solution.

A lock is designed to turn when you have successfully inserted and unlocked it with a key. However, if there is no movement caused even with a key, then the problem is most likely with the mechanism. At this point, there is no better option than calling a reliable and safe service to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Safe and Smart Choice, Smart Pro Locksmith

At Smart Pro Locksmith we know how annoying it can be to not easily get into your house. Not only does this affect your comfort, but it also affects your safety. With the increase in cheap and dishonest services, having a professional service to safely fix your lock problems is a must. That is why at Smart Pro Locksmith we have dedicated ourselves to providing a more secure environment for you. With our modern equipment, experienced staff, and dedication, your door lock repair has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us or our services.