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01 Jan

How to Remove a Stuck or Broken Key

Keys are probably one of the most used objects in one’s life. We use keys for our houses, businesses, cars, and drawers. Since it’s a very commonly used object, naturally damage occurs due to overuse. They can be stuck or broken in an untimely manner which can be irritating since we need keys for our most basic needs- safety and privacy. Stuck or broken keys can also prevent the functioning of cars. When you know your house isn’t safe or your documents aren’t protected or even when you can’t get to your work because that broken key is not allowing your car to work.

Mechanism Of Locks with Keys

Locks with keys have several spring-loaded pins that are inside of series of tiny cylinders. Each pin is made up of two parts: a top (driver) pin and a bottom (key) pin separated by a break in the middle. The pins can go up and down until they line up with a track called the shear line, with the help of the pointed teeth and notches on the key's blade. When pins line up with the shear line, the cylinder turns and therefore the key can open the lock. If they don’t line up with the shear line, the key will not be able to open the lock. When the key isn’t present on the lock, springs inside the pins force the pins down, preventing the breaks from aligning with the shear line.

There are many small parts of locks and keys, so it is easy for them to get wear and tear. The key getting stuck or broken can be both because of malfunction in the lock or the key due to wear, tear, bend, or even particle accumulation.

How To Remove a Stuck Key?

The first thing you must do is to try to push your key all the way in. In order to find the correct position that must be created pin tumblers and cylinders, turn the key. Then, you should press the plug next to the key with your other hand and finally try to twist the key and pull it out. While pressing the plug, make sure you are doing it with light pressure. Another solution can be silicone spray or graphite spray. It is important not to use them too much, however, due to possible accumulation inside the lock.

Removing a Broken Key

Broken keys are relatively harder to remove compared to stuck keys because you can’t grab the head of the key. If the cylinder was turned when the key was broken, the pins can’t allow the key to slide out of the lock. Instead, they will keep the key in place and prevent it from being taken out. Luckily, broken keys can be taken care of with some tools you probably already have. Spraying silicone or graphite into the lock to decrease friction is one method. Another tool that can be used is Broken Key Extractor Tool. In addition to this, simple tweezers and Needle-nosed pliers can be used to remove the broken key.

These are some methods that you can try at home, if you notice that none of these methods work, make sure to call Smart Pro Locksmith for stuck or broken key removal. In addition to this, we perform rekeying if you need new keys. Call us today!