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01 Jan

How To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole

Have you ever tried to unlock a door without a keyhole? Chances are if you are reading this article, you have or are trying to do it right now. Thankfully, unlocking a door without a keyhole isn’t as hard. Throughout this article, we will explain how to unlock your door through different strategies with different steps and how Smart Pro Locksmith can help.

The Harsh Method, Removing the Doorknob

We will go through many different methods, but removing the doorknob is common and effective. This requires you to manually take the doorknob out and put it back in after you are done. The steps you need to follow are as follows; first, you need to find a screwdriver that fits the screws. Then find the screws and remove them using the screwdriver. This will remove the mechanism that initially locked the door. Push and open the door. At last, place the doorknob back in the reverse order you used to remove it.

The Fun Method, Using a Plastic Card

You may have seen movie characters using a card to open doors and other places. Well, this is true and used in many areas. Plastic cards are an excellent and peaceful method for opening the door. You must follow the following steps: first, firmly grip the doorknob and push it with your non-dominant hand. Take the plastic card in your dominant hand. Put the card in the gap and pull it down until you touch the lock mechanism. Try to push the mechanism into its opening position, and when you think you got it right, pull the door back. However, you must use an unnecessary or unused plastic card as it may break during this process.

Using the Pinhole

Pinholes are designed to insert lubrication and allow the water to drain; however, we can use the pinhole to open the door. This is hard and takes a lot of time; however, it works for many people. Get a paper clip and put it in the pinhole. Rotate the paper clip in all directions until you feel that the door is unlocked. However, if this doesn’t work, it may be time for something bigger.

The Last Method, Removing the Hinges

If none of the above worked or isn’t possible, then it may be time to do the work that requires the most effort. This step is removing the hinges. Firstly, get a screwdriver and place it under the hinges. Using the screwdrivers, push the hinges up. When you do this to all the hinges, you will have the whole door separated from the hinges. Take the door out and open the lock. Then place everything back in.

The Right Service, Smart Pro Locksmith

Unlocking a door without a keyhole can be complicated and time-consuming. Thankfully, at Smart Pro Locksmith, we are here to help with your tiring lock problems. This has never been easier with our modern equipment, dedication, and professional locksmith. Call us today to learn more about us and our services.