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Lock Replacement

As many would know, the lock is the first and probably the most essential part of the security of the building, no matter if it’s a house or a business. It’s the first thing that protects you, your family, your property, and your items. Although it is often overlooked by the homeowners and business owners until they have a negative experience even though all the risks can be avoided by a simple lock replacement or door lock installation.  Well, homeowners and business owners are in a really advantageous situation, because Smart Pro Locksmith in North Miami offers door lock installation and lock repair in North Miami. 


Why Do You Need Door Lock Installation?

There are many reasons for changing your lock. Sometimes you need to change your lock because they are torn out from constant use, and you need to be safe from burglars and intruders. Other times your torn broken lock is unfixable, so you need door lock installation. One situation that isn’t taken seriously by new tenants or homeowners is moving to a new home. When you move into a new home, it is important to change your lock because your old homeowner and their family/friends may still have the key. Especially if you don’t know the old homeowner well, it can be uncomfortable for you. To quiet down suspicions in your head and to feel more comfortable, you need to replace the lock. Another reason to change your lock is losing your keys. To know that a stranger might have your keys is not the most pleasurable thought, so lock change is also the best choice when you lose your keys. If you need door lock installation in North Miami for any reason, make sure to give us a call!

What About Repair?

Because a door lock is one of the most used items in one’s home that is used many times in a day, it can get damaged and broken due to overuse. When it is broken, it is extremely important to change it immediately to maintain the safety of you and your family from intruders and thieves. Especially if you believe your neighborhood isn’t very safe, it is critical to repair your lock to prevent unwanted scenarios. In addition to this, a broken lock may come with a damaged door. When you notice serious damage to your door, the first thing to do is to obviously replace it. However, if you get a new door but your old broken lock is still there, it won’t mean much since you still don’t have proper safety. If you are curious about where you can find lock repair in North Miami, calling Smart Pro Locksmith should be your first choice.

Smart Pro Locksmith

There can be lots of reasons to change or repair your lock. It can be because of safety reasons, regular wear and tear, losing your keys, or for completely aesthetic purposes. No matter what the reason is, make sure to give us a call if you need a lock replacement in North Miami. Our experienced locksmiths are ready to provide you with a firm and strong lock if you need a new one and are ready to repair your old lock as well. Residents of North Miami who are questioning “Where can I lock replacement near me?” are at the right address. Give us a call today!

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The technician was very knowledgeable and arrived at the location quickly. Very professional and gave me a great deal. The technician was very detailed if I could give this company 10 stars I would... This is the company to call Smart Pro  Locksmith the best of all the rest

Erica Stovall

Aventura, FL

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Had an emergency with some locks in my home the other day and decided to call these guys,  The owner, came by and was super fast, efficient, and respectful with his work! Really appreciate Tech and his crew. Would recommend them.

Kane Cooper

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I called for instructions as to what I needed to provide to bring my car in for a repair of keyfob,seltstarter and was reconnected to technician, Ruben, and his mobile office and shop.  It turns out he brought  the repair to me, and quickly!  Performed well and professionally, repaired the existing keyfob and cut two new physical keys all for a reasonable price and in under 1/12 hours form the time i placed my original call....and ons a Saturday!!

Duane Truex

Plantation, FL

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Lock replaced with more secure version after it broke from excessive door closure settings. Such a wonderful business team of husband and wife. Clear and articulate communications and service as promised. Highest recommendation if you need a locksmith.

Evan Fan

North Miami, FL