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01 Jan

Questions to Ask Before Opening the Door to a Stranger

With an increase in scammers and frauds, your doors play an extra role in your safety. In this article, we have gathered some questions that you can ask before opening a door to strangers.

Identify the Person

Although this may be very common among people, many still don’t ask "who is there". They directly open the door, making it an easy way for a stranger to see or enter it. Whether you have a camera, a peephole, or nothing, make sure to identify the person before putting your full trust into opening the door for them. If you are still unsure whether to open the door, then follow the next steps.

Ask the Purpose of Their Visit

A person with good intentions will have nothing to fear and will state their purpose directly. If you know that the person behind the wall is making up a bunch of stuff that doesn’t connect, then follow these next steps.

Ask them "Is this an urgent matter?"

If you have never met or seen this person, just make sure to quickly ask them questions and ask whether their job is an emergency. When you ask these questions, expect a really quick answer. Many of the criminals also use this strategy by saying that they have a medical issue. In this case, don’t open the door all of a sudden. Just say let me get my phone to call the police and the ambulance. In cases as such, a normal person with a medical issue should be very fine and glad to have safety on their sides. However, criminals will be scared and suddenly leave your door.

Don’t Be Shy

If you are unsure about the credibility of the person, don’t be shy to ask them to come back at another time. If the person is trustworthy or they are trying to seriously contact you, then they will state their reasoning more clearly this time. You should be very cautious and know that this is for your safety. So, don’t be shy to look weird or mean, just tell them, "come back some other time."

Other Important Tips

If the person shares with you their interests very clearly and you want to open the door, make sure to have yourself in defense mode. This means that you can place your hands and feet firmly behind the door while they speak to you face to face. If you look at the person and see anything weird on them, then again don’t be shy to close the door behind them. You may look weird to a normal person, but this is for your safety. When it comes to safety, there is nothing weird.

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