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01 Jan

The Most Common Methods Used by Burglars

Many people dread the idea of a house break-in, and it would be right to say that it’s a very rational fear. According to the FBI, a burglary takes place every 26 seconds, which is a very high number. Due to these statistics, taking the necessary precautions is more important than ever. Of course, to take precautions, you should know about the common methods thieves use first. So, in this article, we will try to inform you about some of the common methods burglars use when they break into your houses.

Front Door

Since your front door is your first line of defense, it is the most used one by burglars. This can be due to many reasons. If your front door doesn’t seem very sound and secure, you might be the target for burglars. Additionally, they may check the security system as well. Now, you may wonder how they might do that and unfortunately, it is quite easy. Many people pass in front of your house every day and we don’t pay a lot of attention to most of them. Sometimes people who are dressed as salesmen or a student may be a burglar and come to examine the overall security of your house. Since the first place they come to is your front door, they can easily see whether you have a worn-out lock or an unsafe door. If they don’t seem very safe, your house may be their next target. Another point they look at is the trees and bushes. Since many thieves break in during the night, it is important for them to find a place to hide and bushes and trees can provide them with this opportunity. So, if you have large bushes or other plants right in front of your door, it might be risky for you.


After the main door, the next target is the windows. Most of the time, it is the first-floor windows that are attacked because they are easier to reach many people don’t have secondary locks on their windows. However, there’s a high risk for the two-story houses as well. Intruders can easily climb over a tree and reach the windows of the second floor. Do not leave your windows open under any circumstances and if you can afford it, install secondary locks to all of the windows in your house to ensure your safety.

The Surprise Element

This one may surprise you cause the idea seems absurd. However, most of the time, burglars just walk into houses without spending extra effort. For many apartments and houses, they simply come and check the locks to see if any of them is unlocked. If they are, they just come inside. How are they not noticed? When you are walking towards your house and see an open door with a person inside, you tend to automatically think the person lives there; many people think this way so burglars can get away with this very easily. Even if you are leaving for only two minutes, make sure to lock your doors.

Secondary Doors

If the front door and the locks are safe, the next destination for the burglars is the secondary doors. Any type of additional door may be an example of this, most likely a garage door or a back door.

Reliable Locksmith Services

The best way to avoid break-ins is by installing different types of security items. If you think your locks are worn out, you may want to replace them. Additionally, if you are looking for safety system elements but don’t know what would be suitable for your house, you should call the professionals of Smart Pro Locksmith who have all the necessary information about the updates on security systems. Our locksmiths can guide you according to your needs and requests. We offer a variety of services and will be expecting your call.