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Schedule Quick & Reliable Lockout & Locksmith Services Now

01 Jan

What to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your House

Have you ever dealt with the scenario where you return to your house in a rush and the realization hits you: you forgot your keys and are now locked out of your house? Well, many people deal with that every day, and we are here to share some things to do in case.

Call Different People to See If They Have Your Spare Keys

Although the situation is frustrating and it can be hard to think clearly at that second, first think about people who may have your spare key. Most of the time, people leave their spare keys to their parents or siblings, or close friends. Even your trustworthy neighbor may have your keys if you gave them just in case. If not, most landlords tend to have spare keys to their tenants’ houses, and you can try to reach out to them. If you don’t know your landlord, the rental office may have the spare keys. Try to contact these people first and if none of them have your spare keys, it is time to move on to other solutions.


Of course, forgetting your windows open on a regular day is an invitation to intruders normally. However, that day you may be in luck because you forgot to close your windows. See if any of your windows are available for lifting and try to get in that way. However, be careful during the process. In addition, if you see an open window on the second floor of your house, do not try to reach there with a ladder. This is an outright dangerous behavior that may have very serious consequences health-wise and if you can wait for someone else to bring your key for a little bit, there’s no point to risk your health.

Credit Card and Screwdriver

If you trust your skills with the tools that come in handy, credit cards and screwdrivers may be the right answer for you. Try to put your credit card inside the door crack and bend it toward the doorknob. While you are doing that, try to force the doorknob by jiggling it. Hopefully, you will be able to open the door. Another tool you can use is a screwdriver. First, if you have a garage, check if you have a screwdriver you can find. If you can find it, check if the head of the screwdriver fits the keyhole. If it does, start to move the door handle while rotating the screwdriver in both directions. If you are good with different tools, these two methods will definitely come in handy.

Most Reliable Option- Calling a Locksmith!

If you do not want to potentially harm your door or just don’t have the energy to try to break in, the best option is to call a reliable locksmith in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. During times of crisis, it might be hard to know where to find a locksmith, but don’t worry. Professionals of Smart Pro Locksmith are ready to provide lockout services. In addition, you can try to avoid future lock-out incidents, you can ask the professionals of Smart Pro Locksmith about electronic door locks or keypad locks. We are here to provide you with the security you deserve. Contact us today!