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31 Dec

What You Should Store in a Home Safe

There are certain items in your house that you must make sure are in a fire safe proof for the sake of protecting yourself, your family, your property, and other valuables. Even though many people don’t think a fire-proof safe is a very important thing to own, you will only know its value when you are faced with a crisis. Hopefully you won’t need to go through an emergency to understand how important owning a fireproof safe is, but it is better to be safe than sorry. So, in this article, we will go over some items you should store in your safe and why.

Identification Documents

Certain documentations like birth certificates and social security cards shouldn’t be inside random cabinets. If documents like these are burned in a fire or are stolen can be tiring processes. In addition to these documents, you should always store your passport and your visas in your safe too. If other people have access to these documents with very personal information, it can create a lot of problems for your in the future.

Extra Keys

Most of us tend to have keys for a lot of places and things we don’t use on regular basis and carrying those keys with us everywhere is tiring and needless. However, they should be kept safe cause among these keys there are more important ones like copies of your house keys and your car keys and you will never know when you may need those. So, the keys you don’t use on daily basis should stay in your safe.


Normally, heirlooms are a big attraction for burglars. So, if you don’t use that heirloom every day, it’s a good idea to keep it in the safe. In addition, if you have expensive jewelry, storing them among other jewelries isn’t a good idea. You can forget where you put them or lose them, so keep the jewelry you only wear in certain occasions in the safe too.

Emergency Cash

There are all sorts of emergencies one can face in a lifetime so you will never know when you will need money. That’s why it’s always a smart option to keep a certain amount of money inside your safe.

Insurance and Wills

If you ever had a house damage due to harsh weather conditions, you know how important it is to find insurance in the middle of the chaos. So, knowing it is locked up safe and sound is a great relief to the homeowner. In addition, insurance documents tend to have a lot of personal information and shouldn’t be placed in a regular drawer in your bedroom cause if they are stolen, they will create headaches. In addition to insurance, if you have a will, lawyers recommend it to be stored in the safe of the client as well as their office’s own safe.

Can’t Open Your Safe?

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