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01 Jan

Why Your Car Key Button Doesn't Work

You woke up one day, got ready, grabbed your car keys, and went straight to your car. However, you realize that your car key button is not working. You may wonder what can cause this. Well, you are in luck because throughout this article, we will list a few reasons why your car key button may not work and how Smart Pro Locksmith is here to help. So, let’s get started.

The problem is not with the Button. It is with the Lock

Firstly, the problem may be because of the lock. It may be that your car key button is working, but the lock doesn’t respond to it. The problem may be severe or easy to fix, depending on the situation of the lock. Call a Smart Pro Locksmith today to learn more about how to fix your lock or obtain information about your lock situation.

Can the Problem with the Batteries?

Most people think the problem with their car key button is a deeper problem that only a few can solve. However, they don’t know that the problem can be as simple as dead batteries. Don’t search for answers in the hard way, if you haven’t recently changed your batteries, give it a try. Most likely, your car key button will start to work again.

Internal Problem With the Key Fob

Worst case scenario, the internal system of your key fob can be severely damaged. If you call a locksmith and inform them on the issue, and they tell you that the problem isn’t with the car but your key fob, then you may need to replace it. Before replacing it however, see if they can solve the problem through repair not replacement and compare the prices. This way, you can choose the best path for your car keys.

Other Common Problems

We have listed some reasons why your car key may not work; however, it is not limited to that. Another common cause can be that your key fob has never been programmed and when you try to open your car remotely, it may not work. Lastly, most drivers usually have a copy of their keys in an emergency. If you are using this copied key and it isn’t working, the locksmiths may have miscut some part of the key. If you can, try to use the original one. To avoid any problems with your car keys in the future, you must look for reliable and safe locksmith service. Thankfully, we know exactly what you need.

Your Safe Locksmith Service, Smart Pro Locksmith

At Smart Pro Locksmith, we know the importance of your security and aim to keep everyone as safe as possible. We have dedicated ourselves to making that goal possible with our experienced team. Car key replacement has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us and our services or learn more reasons why your car key button may not be working.