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01 Jan

Worst Places To Hide Your Valuables

You may have read articles about where to put your valuables. After all, there are limited places to position those, and selecting a suitable space to put our valuables is crucial, especially if you don’t have a safe home. However, knowing the places where you shouldn’t hide your valuables is just as important. So, in this article, we will go over some of the worst locations at home to hide valuables.


The most common mistake people make when hiding valuables is putting them in a drawer. Unfortunately, the drawers are the first place burglars look through when they break into a home. So, if we were the rate the worst places to hide your valuables, drawers would be in the top three. Knowing this, avoid putting money, jewelry, credit cards, and necessary documentation in your drawers.


You may believe that identifying wrapped money and jewelry will be hard around all the shoes and clothes in a closet. However, this is only the case for you, and an experienced burglar would be able to quickly inspect and understand where the valuables are hidden in the closet.


When it comes to break-ins, many people immediately think the thief would refrain from entering the bedroom to prevent waking the homeowners. Although this may be true to some degree, this won’t matter if no one is home, and that’s when your bedroom becomes one of the worst places to hide your valuables. We’d also like to add that your children’s bedrooms are a big no. There are many reasons behind this; the first one is that many devices in your children’s bedroom are expensive (like tablets or game consoles). The second reason comes from the fact that children are curious. So, during play, they can bring down everything inside those wardrobes or drawers, including your valuables, and leave them on the floor afterward.

Pots and Vases

Let’s admit many of us have put certain items in our pots or vases in the past. They’re easy to reach for things like cash and car keys. However, they are not secure. All a person has to do is to peek inside, and they will find any essential keys or cash you may have. So, do not put those items inside vases or pots.

Important Points To Remember

The most crucial point when hiding your valuables is thinking like a burglar. If you keep thinking from your perspective, the thieves will probably figure out where you hid them. On the other hand, look around your house with the eyes of the burglar and figure out a place where they will not think of. Of course, the most reliable method of keeping everything secure is through a home safe. Additionally, the best way to prevent break-ins from happening in the first place is through the right security features. If you want to upgrade your security system, the professionals of Smart Pro Locksmith are ready to help you. We offer you various residential and commercial services because we know nothing is more important than your safety. In addition, if you have a safe in your house that needs to be unlocked, our skilled locksmiths also offer a safe unlocking service. Call us today to learn more!